A Roundup of the Latest Safari Features for Mac

Safari 16 is here for iPadOS 16, iOS 16, and macOS Ventura. This release is also compatible with macOS Big Sur and macOS Monterey.

To update to Safari 16 on your iPhone and iPad, update your device in Settings > General > Software Update. To update Safari on Mac, click

Here’s a lowdown of the fantastic features that have arrived with this latest version of Apple’s Safari.

  • Web Push for Ventura

Safari 16 for macOS Ventura offers support for Web Push. Web apps and websites can now send notifications remotely using the same standards supported in other web browsers, such as Notifications API and Push API. You will get the notifications even when Safari is not running.

In Apple’s Safari, you can permit websites or apps to send notifications. In addition, you can manage and view notifications in the Notifications Center. You can even personalize the styles and turn off notifications in Notifications Settings.

Furthermore, on your Mac, the notifications are on an opt-in basis, and you can select the websites you wish to receive notifications from.

  • Updates to Tab Groups

Tab Groups was introduced in iOS 15, and this feature lets you save and organize your tabs into various segments. In addition, you can swap the tabs when working on a project.

Apple takes this feature to the next level by introducing updates to Tab Groups.

  1. Pinned tabs are available on iPadOS 16 and iOS 16. If you want to have tabs in your Tab Group that must be open at all times, pinning them is an option.
  2. The feature even has its own Start Page where you can have frequently visited websites, different favorites, and other exclusive options for each Tab Group. You can create a new start page by going to Tab View and pressing the plus button.
  3. Shared Tab Groups is another update that allows users to share the tabs with colleagues, friends, and family. The tabs can be updated by the shared people, and they will be updated instantly.

You can utilize the Tab Groups feature to organize your tabs and enhance collaboration.

  • Sync the extensions

Extension syncing is a new feature of Safari. Thanks to this, the extension you have downloaded on another Apple device will be synced to your other devices. You will see the extensions in the Safari preferences.

Since the extensions will be synced, you don’t need to turn them on individually on your devices. Instead, you will find the extensions listed in the Settings app under Safari > Extensions.

The extensions not on your device will be listed under the On Other Devices tab, and you can quickly download them.

  • Robust password editing

If you are using Safari to create a website account, the browser will suggest a strong password for you to use. This will sync with iCloud Keychain.

Some websites have particular requirements like specific capital letters or symbols that strong passwords do not always fulfill. With iOS 16, you can edit strong passwords and adjust them according to your website’s requirements.

  • Passkeys

Passkeys are a new update, and this is the next-generation credentials that are easier and quicker to use than complicated passwords. The feature uses a dual authentication key system.

One key is private and stored on the device, while the second key is public and stored on the website server. On your iPhone and other devices with Touch ID, Face ID, or biometric authentication is used to authorize the passkey to verify the user to the website.

Both keys must match to allow you to log in securely. The private key is only available to the user and cannot be leaked, stolen, or phished. Also, they rely on iCloud Keychain, and so two-factor authentication is required for added protection.

Passkeys quickly sync across all Apple devices through iCloud Keychain, and since this is encrypted with cryptographic keys, your information is protected.

Passkeys works on all Apple devices, and Apple works with Google, Microsoft, and other companies to use this on non-Apple devices.

  • Sync website settings

The updated Safari version quickly syncs all the website settings across Apple devices, including automatic Reader view, page zoom, and more. Therefore, you only need to set your preferences once.

However, you can toggle off the option to share settings for websites across devices. This can be done by going to the Settings app of the Safari browser.

  • Viewport sizes for browser windows

Stage Manager in iPadOS 16 introduces a new multitasking experience for Apple users. Thanks to this, browser windows on iPadOS are quickly resized to various viewport sizes and aspect ratios.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the top Safari features for Mac that are introduced with the latest version of the browser. It helps to sync all settings across your Apple devices, and Passkeys ensures an added layer of security.

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