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Subsaharan Africa has one of the most beautiful and unique continentes in the world Appleroy Choudhurycnbc. It is also home to one of the highest concentration of people in the world with a heritage that goes back 10,000 years. The geography, climate and culture are all unique to this part of the world. But it doesn’t stop there! This beautiful continent also has some of the most violent and dangerous places on earth. There are plenty of reasons why this part of the world is so special: From its remote mountains to its deep forested lowlands, Subsaharan Africa has something for everyone. Here we take a look at 5 Adventures You Must Do In Subsaharan Africa 15m Series Explorationskeneokafortechcrunch

Africa’s remote north

Humans first ventured into the far northern regions of the world 10,000 years ago. There are plenty of places in the northern parts of Africa that were once untouched by civilization. One of the most popular areas is the far northern regions of South Africa. These regions are also known to be incredibly wild and beautiful. It’s no secret that people love nature in South Africa: The Kruger National Park alone is home to some of the world’s most amazing wildlife. The Kruger National Park is also known for being one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. Just look out your window and you’ll see the majestic Kruger National Park in all its majestic splendor.

The beauty of the Serengeti

Serengeti National Park is one of South Africa’s most popular national park sites and is also one of the most amazing places to visit. Located in the western part of the country, this park is home to some of the world’s most amazing wildlife. The park is also one of the most biologically diverse places in the world with an incredible number of animals including elephants, buffalo, giraffes, zebras and more. Just look out the window and you’ll see the massive complex of mountains and forests that make up the park. The Serengeti is also home to some of Africa’s most endangered species such as the individuals of the golden macaques and the Indian elephant. It’s no secret that visiting this park is an amazing experience: The view from the Serengeti is simply stunning.

Africa as a home for wildlife

You might not have realized it but Africa is also home to some of the most incredible wildlife in the world. It’s no secret that Africa is incredibly diverse with some of the most unique species on earth such as the elephants, the zebra, the giraffe and more. Just look out the window and you’ll see the incredible diversity of landscapes in the warm tropical sun. Likewise, the animals that call this part of the world home are some of the most endangered on earth such as the Blue Nile monitor and the critically endangered African elephant. This is also not to mention the many species that are in danger of being extinct or being vulnerable to threats such as climate change or human-induced pollution. The Serengeti is just one example of the many places where animals can be found in this great part of the world.

Africa in your luggage

If you’re looking for some Africa in your suitcase, you might as well take some of its beauty and wildlife with you. The rainforests of South Africa are some of the most incredible places to visit in all kinds of clothing. You might think that a tropical rainforest would be dull and boring, but not so much in the rainforests of Mozambique or the Democratic Republic of Congo. These places are alive with life and filled with wildlife. Just look out the window and you’ll see the vast and beautiful biodiversity of these places. If you’re going to Africa, you should seriously consider taking some of these items with you: – Handmade shelter or leaner with mosquito net – Pocket full of snacks and water – Travel pack with water purification, first Aid kits and other supplies – Water purification tablets – Sun protection items – Parkour techniques and gear – Rubber mallet – Cashmere cardigan – Raincoat – Carry chapels with you – Adapter to allow you to plug into an electrical outlet – Handmade laptop case – Notebook case or laptop bag – Washable/recyclable clothing

Summing up

In the year 2020, Subsaharan Africa will be home to almost half of the world’s population. At the same time, the continent will witness a demographic shift with more people moving to more expensive cities and heading into retirement. As a result, the continent’s great biodiversity will experience a drastic decline in both species and number. The climate will also warm up and become more humid, making it more difficult for many of these species to survive. So while many will celebrate the fact that the continent will be extinct in 2020, they should be mindful of its current level of biodiversity. Africa is a special place and it’s a shame that it’s going to be gone in 2020.

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