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Caravan Tourism in Uttarakhand

Travelers who want to explore Uttarakhand’s untouched landscapes can opt for caravan tourism. These caravans are able to take tourists to areas far from the city, including forest areas and riverbanks. Moreover, the caravans come with all the amenities that a traveller would need while on a holiday. Travelers no longer need to book hotel rooms separately, as the caravans also provide them with food and housing facilities. In fact, the Tourism Development Council of Uttarakhand has started several caravan parks in different parts of the state.

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One of the newest developments in the state is the introduction of caravan tourism. The Uttarakhand government is planning to introduce mobile caravans with facilities like washrooms, sofas, GPS, and LED TV. In order to promote the tourism in the state, the government is planning to invest in more luxury road-trip vehicles. The minister added that the idea is to provide luxurious travel to visitors. The department will soon announce the booking format and charges.

A new project is underway to make caravan parks available in remote tourist areas. Tourists who cannot afford a caravan can opt for luxury tents. The caravan parks will have electricity, water, and parking facilities. They can be easily relocated to other locations to cater to the needs of tourists who don’t want to pay for the luxury tents. The government has also decided to develop caravan parks in various remote regions, such as in the mountains and other remote areas.

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