Matte or glossy labels: which one is right for your business?

Whether you’re starting a new business or just want to give your old one a facelift, choosing the right type of custom label can make all the difference in how your products are perceived by consumers. But which label finish is best for you? Should you opt for a matte look or a glossy finish? Ultimately, the choice between matte and glossy labels comes down to personal preference and the type of image you want to project for your business – but we do have a few tips and considerations to share with you.

What makes a label matte or glossy?

After your labels are printed, there is one additional step that makes all the difference: lamination. You can think of a laminate as a clear film that is applied on top of your design. Laminating your product labels will not only make them last longer (more on that below), but can really elevate their look with their glossy or matte finish. That is why you can often choose between the two: lamination is an additional step that has nothing to do with your material or design selection.

Why do you need to laminate your labels?

The main reason to laminate your labels is to protect them from moisture, scratches, sunlight and wear and tear. Laminated waterproof labels are resistant to fading, scratching, and peeling – so they’ll stay looking great long after you’ve shipped your products out to customers. Lamination is also a great way to enhance the contrast of your text and images, making them easier to read.

When to choose matte labels

If you’re looking for a professional yet understated look, go with matte labels. They give your design an understated appearance, making them perfect for businesses that want their products to look high-quality without appearing too flashy. Matte finishes are generally less commonly used and can give your products that stand-out edge.

When to choose glossy labels

If you’re looking for a label finish that will really make your product stand out from the competition, go with glossy. There’s nothing quite like the luxurious feel of a glossy label. Glossy labels have a high-end look that can give your business an air of sophistication and luxury that can make your products stand out from the competition. Glossy should also be your standard choice if you are after clear labels, as they give added transparency.

So, which is the right finish for you? Matte or glossy labels both have their own unique benefits, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference. No matter what type of label you choose, be sure to laminate them in order to extend their life and protect them from moisture and scratches. Thanks for reading!

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