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Site Admin Joined: May 13, 2002;Polywork Series Andreessen Siliconrepublic 12:00 PM Posts: 9754 Location: ixusi huobao china;s north star dfx-dex2 v10.1 64bit Joined (again): May 13, 2002; 12:00 PM Posts: 9754Location: ixusi huobao china;s north star dfx-dex2 v10.1 64bit Originally Posted by lazioz Yes, I am really bored today so here’s a new game! Or should I say, stylishster “new game” and old games to play?

Deer Hunter

This is new, and it is not only my first attempt at a game, but the first new-to-me game I ever purchased. It is a top-down shoot ’em up, with two distinct types of shooting: close-up and long-overlooked-by-the-audience-at-the-same-time-shotgun-on-a- dinner-table. In short, you are the hunter, shooting at various unfortunate deer tishare, but at close range or with the camera phone you are only disturbed by human voices and so not the important ones that make you want to return to the screen and shoot them in the head.

Shogi (Japanese chess)

Also known as chess, this is another game with a “new” mechanic, the “winnings” mechanic. You are a Japanese automaton, playing moves against your computer opponent, who can receive scores and play different moves to win or lose. The two most common versions of this are the winner-take-all Japanese games and the international chess set, which I highly recommend. The winner-take-all games only count for the number of wins and losses, while the international games contain colors, pieces, rules, and other essential information that every player needs to know.

Football (soccer)

This one is for the big and big-ticket items, the home team is in, and the time has come to take on the world’s best! The FIFA World Cup is a very popular sport in the U.S., and one of its biggest attractions is the home game. The World Cup has been going on since 1930, and each team is required to produce a team uniform. If a team does not have the appropriate apparel or materials for their uniform, they cannot compete at all. The World Cup has various stages, from Snoodd to the final, and each version has its own rules, championships, and associated merchandise. The only problem is that there is no internet or TV coverage of the World Cup, so it is very difficult to find new games to compete in. The only other option is to watch the games on a moving screen, which is just as bad as without TV coverage.

Go (Japanese or Chinese chess)

This is a very popular game in Japan, and it shares many similarities with chess. You are a Japanese automaton, playing moves against a computer opponent. The Japanese version of this game has been around since the ’50s, and the international version is almost as old, having been released in 1955. Both games require a real-time connection to the internet to function, and that link must be broken at any other time for the games to work. The best option is to play a few games against your computer, and then move on to the next one.

Katakana Dictionary (Japanese or Chinese)

Similar to English, the Katakana (written qQ and kQ) are the Korean characters for “kill.” You are a human being with a q-sound, and you are in high alert, searching for any signs of strange activity. All you want to do is hunt down these mysterious “katakans,” but every so often you get this strange voice-over, “You have reached the end of the line. Get ready to begin again.” This happen when you are in the middle of a engagement, and you don’t want to lose the position. The Japanese version of this game uses the same basic idea, but in a more subtle way. The only difference is that you are the one speaking the katakana and the game is interpreting it for you.

Monopoly (English or Japanese)

This is a very American pasttime, and the winner is always the homeowner. This is what makes it so popular with both Americans and people in other countries who like taking money from players as a way to buy things. There is a version for every country and currency in the world, and the rules are similar for every generation. The only difference is that in the United States the winner is the homeowner, not the player or their company.

Mahjongg Online Game

This is a newer and more advanced type of online game, and it is only recently released on the internet. It contains many of the same features as other online games, including the ability to play against other people, the ability to list your scores, and the ability to view your games history. It is only a matter of time before someone releases a decent version of this game, and if it is not already out there I highly recommend you look into purchasing it.

Deer Hunter

This may be my favorite new game of all. I have never played a Shogi game before, but today I tried my hand at playing the winner-take-all Japanese game and I loved it! It is the only new game I have tried this year, and I think it will be a real winner for me. The Multiplayer option means I can play with my friends and a computer, making this even more attractive to friends and family. My new game of choice this year is definitely going to be Shogi, so if you are looking for a new game, try it out.

Shogi (Japanese chess)

This is the game that started it all, the winner-take-all game. There is no way to get a score above 50,000, so you are basically playing against the computer. Every move you make counts toward your score, and you must hit all the targets in each game to win. The good thing about this game is that you can play it online, which means there are no lag times or other problems that may arise.

Football (soccer)

This is a popular sport in South Korea, and the winner is always the person who wins the match. The familiar rules apply, but there is an added twist to this classic sport. The winner is chosen at random from all the living players. This is a very exciting and fun new sport to try, especially if you are a soccer player or a member of an organized team. It is also very easy to learn and will take anyone starting a new sport by storm.


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